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Place your order by June 11th, 2021 for the limited edition release of the 
Juneteenth Escape Box shipments on the week of June 14th.

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Grab Your limited Edition Juneteenth Escape Box Today Before They Are Sold Out!

Grab your box now before they are all sold out. Escapes in a Box proudly supports black business owners- and our company is also black Nurse owned. This box is featuring products created by black businesses. 

Box includes: Natural beauty and wellness products like soaps, body butters, and more- along with a copy of the all new autographed copy of The Diaries of a Resilient Black Nurse. Check out what many black Nurses across America are currently dealing with in our healthcare system and find out how that affects you as a patient. The box also has a surprise Juneteenth-inspired commemorative item. You will not find this box or the items in this box elsewhere. Grab them before it is sold out!

Only $49 plus S&H

What Is Escapes In A Box?
Escapes In A Box is a subscription box filled with personal care and personal development products delivered to your home. You have options to buy with or without a subscription order. 

Imagine opening your Escapes In A Box and immediately feeling as if you've been teleported to a relaxing spa alongside an exotic beach where you are being pampered by a better version of yourself. That version of yourself is ready to escape the busyness of the world and allow nurturing of your mind, body, and spirit. 

You know you have been working so hard, and wanted to get to the spa, but you never found the time. You've wanted to attend those empowerment workshops or conferences to renew your mind and spirit, but you didn't have the time, energy, nor freedom to attend. You may have been so busy taking care of everyone else and have somehow slipped into neglecting yourself. I understand and that's why I created Escapes In A Box for people just like you. 
Refreshing. Relaxing. Rejuvenating.

Infused essential oils give life and they are used in all natural products.

Sample of a Standard Escape Box

All Natural Body Butters feel and smell so good- and it has healing properties 

Escape Box Options

You can make a "one-time purchase" or you can Subscribe and receive a new surprise Escape Box every 3 months!

Standard Escape Box

One-Time Purchase

Purchase one-time or as many times as you desire without any commitments.



Purchase a Subscription

Save money by automatically receiving a box every 3 months



Nurse's Escape Box

Will have at least one item specific to Nurses- gender neutral.

Nurses have always given so much of themselves in order to ensure your loved ones are cared for properly. In these unprecedented times, Nurses are leading on the front lines in the clinical areas giving COVID care. 

Self-care for Nurses can often be a challenged area, so this Nurse's Escape Box is the perfect reminder that self-care is the best care. Show your favorite Nurse that you care and they deserve it!

Original Standard 
Escape Box

Standard selfcare box for anyone- male or female

This box is our original box designed with the caregiver and service industry professional in mind. These are the people who give of themselves so much as they serve the public, experience high demands, and stressful working conditions. 

If this sounds like you, then come and grab your escape! You know you deserve it!

Girls Rocking in the South(GRITS) Queen's Box

Will have at least one item specific to empowering young or seasoned Queens

There's nothing like teen girl go-getters who are interested in investing in themselves, being scholars, displaying sisterhood, and building a better community. This organization has teen girls who have creative, entrepreneurial minds. 

The products in this box were created and/or inspired by them. Their desire is to inspire other teen girls and their moms by providing beauty and inspirational products in a box. Proceeds from this box returns to the nonprofit organization. 
Meet Your Escape Coach
Suprena has a passion for helping women heal from their past hurts in order to fearlessly pursue their passion and purpose. She does this through coaching, workshops, and private retreats consistently for over a decade. Mrs. Hickman is married and currently raising her nephew permanently. She has worked hard to ensure her identity is not lost in the shadows of her child- who is an actor and model, or busy husband who is a local radio programmer, on-air personality, and popular community leader. Her ability to stay focused on her passion and purpose keeps her from giving up when obstacles arise.

She manages to build her empire while supporting her family and community. She also works with her husband to create and promote impactful, quality events for their community which brings hundreds in attendance. She cherishes her moments of Escapes and she loves teaching others how to do the same. 

Suprena Hickman, RN, BSN, MBA

  • Registered Nurse >20 years
  • ​Community Leader
  • ​Owner of Personal Development and Wellness Practice
  • ​Passionate About Empowering Women and Teen Girls
  • ​Event Producer
  • ​Caregiver 
  • ​Go-getter and Alpha Woman
  • ​Wife of a King Community Leader
  • ​Momager 

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Refreshing. Relaxing. Rejuvinating.
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